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Our Philosophy

SugarMama uses all natural ingredients and never use preservatives. We believe in sourcing locally grown and organic ingredients when possible. Confections should satisfy your sensory desires and fulfill all your discriminating palate.

We pride in never using fondant; instead we craft with modeling chocolate, a much tastier option for chocoholics, sweet junkies and everyone else.

Upcoming Events

Napa Valley Film Festival
Nov. 12-14

Yontville Lincoln Theatre - Nov. 12
Napa Opera House - Nov. 13

NVMAVA Jul. 30
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Holiday in the Vineyards - Livermore
Dec. 3-4
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Yoshi's - Oakland
Sept. 23

Private Party - Invite only.

The Wine Steward
Cameo event

New Product Showcase


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    “The cake was moist and the ganache was just heavenly. Several of our guests commented that they could easily eat the ganache by itself. Hats off to the very talented and passionate pastry chef!”
    Julie F.

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    “When you bite into a goodie made by SugarMama, you get spectacular, true flavors that are enhanced by sweetness, not overwhelmed by it.”
    Elle M.

Phone: 925.462.1167

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